Dr. Lars Meyer

Group Leader

I am a cognitive neuroscientist trained as a linguist at the universities of Hanover, DE, Groningen, NL, Joensuu, FI, and Potsdam DE. I am interested in the electrophysiology of language. Specifically, I investigate the role of periodic activity—so-called neural oscillations—in sentence comprehension. I employ neuroimaging (e.g., electro– and magnetoencephalography, functional and structural MRI) on a range of populations (e.g., developmental, healthy, aging, and clinical).

Sabrina Stehwien

Postdoctoral Researcher

I obtained my PhD (Dr. phil) in the area of speech processing and computational linguistics from the University of Stuttgart. I am interested in how the fields of applied language processing and neuroscience intersect and benefit each other. Within the Language Cycles project, I am working towards this interdisciplinary exchange in two different ways: First, by building a multilingual corpus of annotated text and synthesized speech to aid neurolinguistic research. Second, by using data-driven computational approaches to look for patterns that reflect neurophysiological processes in human language.


Yulia Lamekina

PhD Student

My educational background is in linguistics (Moscow State University, B.Sc) and cognitive neuroscience (National University HSE, M.Sc). My current research project is related to delta-oscillations and their possible role in chunking and syntactic analysis of a sentence. We investigate the possibility of neural entrainment to a particular frequency by utilising prosodic cues, which would further influence the comprehension of a syntactic ambiguity. My other research interests include lexical and semantic perception, language localisation and functioning in bilinguals, modelling the language function via computational neuroscience.

Katharina Menn

PhD Student

I am interested in first language acquisition. In my project, I investigate how the neural response to natural language develops as children gain knowledge about their native language. For this, I combine electrophysiological recordings with measures from computational linguistics.


Lena Henke

PhD Student

Before coming to Leipzig, I was trained in cognitive science and clinical linguistics and initially joined the Language Cycles team for my Master’s thesis. In my research, I investigate how low-frequent intrinsic activity of the brain temporally constraints perception and thereby influences language comprehension. Specifically, I am interested in the upper limit of this constraint taking into account inter- and intraindividual variability.

Laura Riedel

Student Assistant

I am a student at the University of Leipzig, currently enrolled in the undergraduate linguistics programme. I am excited to dive into topics of neuroscience and computational linguistics with this research group and hope to write my BA thesis in this field.

Antonia Schmidt

Student Assistant

I study linguistics at the University of Leipzig and currently I am writing my Bachelor’s thesis on a psycholinguistic topic. I am interested in the connections between linguistic theories and the brain and how we can measure cognitive processes to make them visible.