Language Circle 2023

Lecture series on the brain and more, virtual and in-person at the MPI CBS in Leipzig

09.02. 15:00 ZOOM Jonathan R. Brennan (University of Michigan) Linking neural systems to syntax using LLMs parsing models
05.04. 11:00 MPI Anne Keitel (University of Stirling) Cortical tracking of speech and its relationship with intrinsic brain rhythms
05.04. 13:00 MPI Christian Keitel (University of Dundee) Physiological influences on brain state changes and their consequences for subjective perception and performance
03.05. 13:00 ZOOM Nai Ding (Zhejiang University) Neural encoding of connected speech: from syllables to phrases
10.05. 13:00 MPI Keith Doelling (Hearing Institute) Oscillations as hard-coded rhythmic priors and prediction errors in time
17.05. 13:00 MPI Marina Kalashnikova (BCBL) Infant-Directed Speech: An Optimal Signal for Language Processing in Young Infants
21.06. 13:00 MPI Benedikt Zoefel (CNRS) The causal role of brain rhythms in speech processing, inferred from acoustic and electric entrainment
23.08. 13:00 MPI Sanne ten Oever (Maastricht University) A mechanistic role for oscillations in temporal and content predictions: interactions between the when and what
POSTPONED Lucia Melloni (MPI for Empirical Aesthetics) From continuous streams to segmented units: Understanding how events structure perception and memory
27.09. 11:00 ZOOM Katrien Segaert (University of Birmingham) Language in the ageing brain
27.09. 13:00 ZOOM Ali Mazaheri (University of Birmingham) Deciphering Dementia’s Onset: EEG Indicators in Language Processing among MCI Patients
18.10. 13:00 MPI Ayelet Landau (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Attentional Sampling: Temporal Structures in Brain and Cognition
15.11. 14:00 ZOOM Oded Ghitza (Hearing Research Center) Oscillators as cortical pacemaker: open questions
29.11. 13:00 MPI Johanna Rimmele (MPI for Empirical Aesthetics) Individual differences in auditory-motor interactions shape speech processing

Stephanstraße 1A, 04103 Leipzig